Bronze Natural History

Orders being taken now! A Female Kingfisher in a threat display,

('The Threat'), due out of the foundry July 2022

Life-sized, patinated, (turquoise and russet), foundry bronze of a Female Kingfisher

in a threat display , 17cm / 6.5" long on an Art Deco base.

£2,350 plus postage or shipping.

Let me know if you would like to be added to the mailing list

for when this sculpture is ready!

She will be a Limited Edition of 50. The 1st of the edition is already spoken for

but the 2nd could be yours! Check availability.       

This sculpture plays with reflections and will only really come alive once cast and patinated, half of the reflections being in colour rather than structural,

but all with my characteristic Art Deco styling.

Right side of Kingfisher .jpg
Right front three quarter view Kingfisher .jpg
Kingfisher head on. .jpg
Left back three quarter view Kingfisher .jpg
Left side view Kingfisher. .jpg
Nearly finished top view .jpg

Working on this now! Big Badger 'Persecuted'

A life sized version of 'Persecuted', (30cm x 30cm x 34cm), will be available from September 2022 at £6,990 in a limited edition of 12.

The 1st of the edition is spoken for but the 2nd is still available! Check availability

A Bevvy of Badgers with mum. .jpg


An 11cm high bronze badger maquette, a small cub sized version of the life sized nearly finished badger. Persecuted is looking over her shoulder in these worrying times of wide spread badger culling & wildlife crime in the UK.

Persecuted is a limited edition of 50 & the

10th of the edition is available from my studio, 

with the 11th and 12th available from my stockists.

£1,350  Check availability

Persecuted very cropped

Little brock 'persecuted' small bronze badger

Persecuted 2 smaller close crop

'Persecuted' gazing over her shoulder viewed from the back. This is the second in a limited edition of 50. 11cm high.

Persecuted 3 small close crop

Small bronze Badger 'Persecuted' as seen from the side, showing the spiral form of this sculpture. 2nd in the limited edition of 50 11cm high.

Twin badgers for website

'Persecuted' 1st and 2nd of the edition of 50, of the much beleaguered British brock. Cast in January 2017, these 11cm high badgers are the model for a life sized version nearing completion. The 1st of the edition is the badger on the left.

'Persecuted' during patination.

It is tough being a badger. Patination involves heat and the kind of metal salts used in ceramics applied to hot metal. This was towards the end of the patination process.

Persecuted heated up for patination

Before patination can begin the bronze metal has to be heated up. This results in beautiful iridescence such as you would get with a 'copper matt' in ceramics, because it's the same chemistry.

Badger peers over her shoulder, uncertain whether it is safe to come out of the sett, during a government-led persecution of a protected species in England and widespread killing across the whole of the UK. Despite overwhelming public opposition, the British government seeks to appeal to the hunting & farming lobby for votes. Every British scientist opposes this killing on humaneness & scientific grounds, & yet still more badger cull roll outs happen every year, at great cost to the wider ecology of the coastal West Country, & to large-scale suffering of the badgers themselves. Removing one of our remaining ‘top predators’ displaces the whole ecosystem, giving a catastrophic ‘Badger Trophic Cascade’, affecting ground nesting song birds & waders. This continued badger cull will see both localised extinctions of badgers, & a fundamental change to their social structure, & will also lead to the extinctions of countless other species in England, all for a disease in cattle they did not cause.

'Persecuted' being patinated.

A short video (1 minute 2 seconds) showing the noisy but painstaking patination process. It takes several hours to patinate a badger because of the detail and care needed to do it well.

Female Red Kite

A 49cm high life sized Female Red Kite in limited edition patinated foundry bronze. This sculpture has crisp sharp lines & Art Deco styling, the planes & angles of the bird being reflected in the planes & angles of the rock she sits upon. Female raptors are always bigger than the males & working larger is always more satisfying for me as a sculptor, plus it confounds the viewers perception of power & gender, which I also find satisfying! These magnificent birds have been successfully reintroduced after gamekeepers hunted them to extinction in England.

Limited edition of 12, editions 3 & 4 are available.

Price on request  Check availability

Red Kite back

A life sized Female Red Kite in patinated foundry bronze, 49cm high. 2nd in a limited edition of 12 cast in July 2016.

Female Red Kite side view cropped and sharp

The side view of Female Red Kite limited edition bronze 49cm high.

2 of 12 Red Kite front finished jpg

The front view of the life sized Female Red Kite in patinated foundry bronze.

Head detail.PSpg

Detail of the Female Red Kites head, showing her crest is half raised.

2 of 12 head detail

Another close up of the head of the bronze Female red Kite with head crest half raised.

I first saw these birds of prey mixed up with an equally large number of Buzzards, soaring on a thermal over a campsite in Henley Upon Thames. I lay on the grass and watched them, trying to pick out which were which, as they are of a similar size. Because of the colouring of the underside of Red Kites' wings, I quickly discovered they have a hooked line to their wings, (it's an optical illusion), as well as the iconic forked tail, but that they also flew to the same trees as the Buzzards & are also after the same dinners. Figuring there must be some friction there, I designed my Red Kite sculpture to go with the Buzzard as a pair, the Red Kite challenging the Buzzard.

Red Kites are a good example of a successful human induced reintroduction programme. I'm looking forward to the day we have Red Kites here in the

far South West, giving the local Buzzards a run for their money.

360 Degree view of the Bronze Red Kite

A short 14 second video showing a full 360 degree rotation of the Red Kite patinated bronze.

Female Buzzard

A 44cm high life sized Female Buzzard in limited edition patinated foundry bronze. I was drawn to this pose as something never usually caught by the naked eye, half way between being relaxed & being very alert. Again as female raptors are always bigger than the males, working larger is more satisfying for me. It also dispels some myths our species hold about

how powerful females of other species are.

Limited edition of 12 (this one 6th of 12), editions 6 & 7 are available.

Price on request Check availability.

Front of Female Buzzard cropped. jpg

Front view of the life sized Female Buzzard showing the unusual pose caught between relaxation and alertness.

Side on Buzzard

Side view of the life sized Female Buzzard fixing you with her penetrating stare.

Back view of Buzzard 6 of 12 jpg

The back view of my Female Buzzard Bronze showing the way the feathers overlap when the wings are folded.

Buzzard head close up

Three quarter side view of the head of the female Buzzard, showing the golden hue of her eye and her piercing gaze.

Side of head detail.

Side view showing the Buzzards penetrating stare.

Feet close up jpg

A close up of the Buzzards feet showing her impressive talons.

This large bird of prey is caught in a moment the naked eye would never see. The Buzzard was relaxed with her shoulders hunched forward and wings slightly open, then, seeing something to her left, her head has snapped round & her left wing tensed, but this split second moment has not followed though to her right wing yet. It is this tension between being relaxed & alert

that drew me to sculpt this pose.
Buzzards are a great example of how wildlife can recover on its own when we stop persecuting them. I never saw a Buzzard until I moved to Devon in my mid 20's, despite growing up rurally in East Anglia & Wiltshire where they had been poisoned out of existence during the 1970's. The first time I saw buzzards was on Dartmoor where a pair of sparring males had locked talons & spiralled from a great height towards the ground. They parted & soared up again just before hitting the ground. It was breath-taking to see. 

I used to see or hear Buzzards most days, & follow their fortunes along with the rise & fall of the local rabbit populations at my last studio near Totnes, South Devon. However, now that we have a negative Trophic Cascade caused by the badger cull, we are seeing a rise in the fox population & a corresponding fall in the rabbit & hare populations, which means our buzzards are starting to decline too. I didn't seen any badgers at my old studio in Devon for 5 years before I left, or hares or rabbits either. I watched the local impacts closely & was heartbroken to see the decline in our Buzzard population, as they brought me joy every day. 

Buzzards epitomise all that is wild to me.


Wall hanging, life sized patinated Foundry Bronze of a screaming Swift , 17cm / 6.5" long. £1,100 plus postage or shipping.

There are only TWO available at this price, (the next batch will cost around £1,900) 

6th of a Limited Edition of 50.  Check availability.

Bronze Swift For website

Life sized bronze Swift wall hanging bird sculpture, for indoor and out door spaces. Realistically patinated and a limited edition of 50.

Patinated Bronze Swift large image cropped

A side view of the wall hanging Swift bronze showing the detail inside the mouth.

Swift on Wood cropped

A patinated Bronze Swift sculpture against weathered oak.

Swift Mouth Detail jpg

The inside of the Swifts mouth, showing the amazing gape of Swifts; trawlers of ariel plankton.

Side on Swift

The wall hanging life sized bronze Swift from the side view.

A life sized Swift, sculpted clinging to the wall & screaming. Patinated in Swift colours but with a simplified style. This is the 6th of a limited edition of 50. It is the last one available at this price as I shall be having

all further Swifts cast a different foundry, & they will cost more.

Swifts spend at least the first two years of their life, after fledging, on the wing. They only stop when they come to breed, & can cling very well from walls, given their legs are short & their feet are like grappling hooks. As a result of this a Swift on the ground is a Swift in trouble as they lack the length & strength in their legs to push off from the ground into flight. So, a nesting Swift that is stationary is usually seen in this pose, clinging onto a wall before crawling into the eaves to raise its young.

More wildlife sculptures coming soon including:

  • a life sized Badger, (bigger version of 'Persecuted') working on this now!

  • a Yawning Stretching Fox 

  • a life sized mantling Barn Owl

  •  a Black Rhino head maquette

  • a White Rhino head maquette