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'Persecuted' (badger maquette)
Patinated Foundry Bronze


Dimensions 11cm H x 12cm W x 13cm D

Limited edition of 50

Price: £1,350 available now
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A bronze badger maquette, a small cub sized sized sculpture.

Persecuted is looking over her shoulder in these worrying times of wide spread badger culling & wildlife crime in the UK. Persecuted Maquette is a limited edition of 50.

Persecuted small badger bronze maquette by Ama Menec Sculpture
A sett of little badgers, the maquettes for the larger life sized badger called 'Persecuted', made in the UK
Persecuted small bronze maquette of a badger in life like colouring through patination by Ama Menec
A little badger in patinated foundry hot bronze make by West Country sculptor Ama Menec cast in the UK

'Persecuted' being patinated

A short video (1 minute 2 seconds) showing the noisy but painstaking patination process.

It takes several hours to patinate a badger because of the detail and care needed to do it well. Being a hot process, the patinator cannot rest their hand against the metal to steady their hand.

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