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The Challenge, life-sized female Kingfisher in a threat display

Dimensions: 17cm L x 7.5cm H x 6cm W 

Limited Edition of 50.

£2,350 plus postage or shipping.  


Editions 2 to 5 available now.

Email me:

Patinated, limited edition foundry bronze of a life-sized Female Kingfisher in a threat display, with Art Deco styling on an Art Deco base.


All are hand patinated, so no two are exactly the same.

The base has threaded holes so that she can be bolted on to a plinth. These are covered with baize to protect polished wooden surfaces when the bolts are not in use

A life sized Kingfisher or Kawasemi in a threat display, a pose seldom seen.
A small bronze of a life sized female Kingfisher or Halcyon in a threat display.
An ariel view of a Kingfisher in a threat display showing the Art Deco styling of her base and her wings.
The small and affordable bronze of a female kingfisher in a threat display showing a head on view. This gives an idea of how intimidating that beak can be.
A side on view of a female Kingfisher in a threat display, which is the view another female Kingfisher would see. This small affodable Art Deco inspired bronze feels lovely in the hand and is made by Dorset artist Ama Menec.

Kingfishers are feisty little birds who live life in the fast lane. As they only live for 2 or 3 years, every threat has to be taken seriously. The females have just as much to lose as the males, and so will fight a female rival to the death, to protect her mate, her territory and her eggs or chicks.


Their threat display is seldom seen, but this horizontal pose, where the bird appears to be pointed at both ends, like a dart, appealed to me for the intent it conveyed.

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