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2023 new sculpture!


Wake Up! Red Fox Vixen maquette


29cm L x 11cm H x 7cm W

Limited edition: of 50

Price: £2,875 


Editions 2 & 3 Available Now 

If you would like a life-sized version, do email me:

A small limited edition bronze of a stretching yawning vixen in life like patinated foundry bronze.
The rear view of the Art Deco inspired stretching yawning red fox showing her tousled tail she has been lying on asleep.

Superbly finished and patinated at Castle Fine Art Foundry, and beautifully realised in metal by their excellent team, I was wowed away when I first saw this finished sculpture. She is even more lovely in real life than photographs can convey, and exceeded my expectations. She feels lovely in the hand too!

Face detail of the small bronze of the yawning vixen.
Ariel view of the Art Deco stretching yawning red fox vixen showing her claws outstretched.
Fox and fan.jpg
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