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Persecuted; Life sized Badger Patinated Foundry Bronze


Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 34cm 

Limited edition: of 12

Price: £9,000 

Editions 3 onward are available to order. Email me: 

Lead time approx. 5 months.


Also available as a cub sized maquette.

She is life sized and is patinated in life-like badger colours, including a pink belly where badgers are mostly hairless.

I have a deep love for badgers and sculpted this piece as a protest to the way this supposedly 'protected' species has been persecuted, over the last decade in mainland England.

'Persecuted' a life sized female badger in patinated foundry bronze in a limited edtion
Persecuted face detail of a life size patinated foundry bronze badger by fine art animal sculptor Ama Menec.
The second in a limited edition of a life sized badger in patinated foundry bronze
Persecuted, a life sized badger in patinated foundry bronze
front view of the patinated foundry bronze life sized badger showing her pink underbelly where badgers have little fur and her mighty paws and claws
Badger is looking over her shoulder, life sized female badger in patinated foundry bronze

The video is of the checking of the patination of the the

life-sized badger 'Persecuted'.


From the top she appears to be quite a simple shape, but below reveals a lot more going on in terms of shape and colour. Badgers are largely hairless on their undersides which is why there is so much pink.


I most especially loved learning about, and sculpting, her paws! As a point of interest, badgers keep their claws sharp by keeping them off of the ground, suspended in the air on big spongy pads. As a result, she will not scratch your furniture! 

A close up head detail of the 2nd edition badger patinated foundry bronze she looks out of the corner of her eye.
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