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Limited edition British foundry bronze of Hypnia Goddess of sleep. A wall hanging sculpture to ward off insomnia.

Hypnia ('Sleep')

Dimensions: 26cm high 35cm wide

Limited edition of 25


The 3rd of the edition is available now

Patinated foundry bronze wall hanging sculpture. Suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces.

Hypnia at Shaw House sculpture show. This wall hanging sculpture is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
Hypnia limited edition bronze with a view of the open wing  side of her face.
Patinated bronze Hypnia over a bed with a view from the side
Bronze Hypnia hanging up over a bed  the better to ward off insomnia.

Based on a Classical Greek bronze head of Hypnos, the God of Sleep, in the British Museum, which was missing one wing.


Mine is a feminised version, with both wings included, based on those of an Eastern Mediterranean tawny owl, and with one wing folded over the face to be more evocative of being enveloped in sleep.


Patinated to look like a marble statue just coming to life and Art Deco in style. The 'mood' of this sculpture definitely changes with the light.

Hypnia her right wing side view showing the sublety of her patination
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