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Anne Lister maquette


Dimensions: 30cm H x 20cm W x 25cm D

Limited Edition of 50

Price: £2,700 

Editions 2, 3 & 4  Available Now


In life like patinated foundry bronze. Striding womanfully across the French Pyrenees. Holding her diary in her right hand and inviting you to join her on her travels with her left.

With her most famous quote from her diaries which starts "I love and only love the fairer sex", the complete quote is written in raised lettering in both cursive script and in her own unique code she called Crypt Hand taken directly from her diary in her own handwriting. This give the viewer a taste of reading and understanding her cypher and gives the reader half of the letters that makes up her code.

A small patinated foundry bronze of Anne Lister complete with diary, a famous quote in raised gold lettering, and her list of achievements including climbing Vignemale, pitured here.
A maquette in limited edition bronze of Anne Lister, aka Gentleman Jack, wearing a black pelisse, pocket watch on a black ribbon, diary and black walking boots asending Vignemale, by sculptor and teacher of lesbian history, Ama Menec.

More raised lettering on the inside ring of mountains surrounding the Glacier D'Ossoue outline her life time achievements ending with the word "Mountaineer" near the crest of mount Vignemale, which she carries the title of being the first to officially climb in 1832. All the texts are in polished golden bronze which contrast with the grey granite of the mountains peaks. 

Wearing her characteristic black gown and Pelisse with white neck frill, her large round pocket watch on a black ribbon as she had in life, a travelling cap or Casquette, red carnelian heart shaped brooch and a very upright stance, I have endeavoured to bring Anne Lister out from 2D into as close to life as it is possible to get. Her energy and drive is displayed through the billowing of her clothing and the shapes and movement of which are reflected in the mountains around her.  

Early parts of the limited edition are available, which are the most collectable  

Ariel view of the patinated bronze Anna Lister showing her forceful stride, coat flaps flapping.
A collectors piece by UK sculptor Ama Menec of Miss Anne Lister of Shibden Hall. This view shows her coat flaps mirroring the face of Vignemale which she is climbing.
Back view of the limited edition foundry bronze of Regency lesbian Anne Lister
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