Anne Lister is striding on a pace!

More movement is being sculpted into her swishing and billowing skirts and coat

I've been a tad quiet these last couple of months as I'm busy working on the Anne Lister maquette. I've bought a set of Regency Pelisse patterns the better to understand how much fabric there is and thus how much billowing I can have in her sculpted skirts and back of her coat.

Consequently, Anne Lister is spending much time upside down balanced on her head while I sort out her attire, and build in the maximum movement into them, at quite a cost to her hat brim, but I can repair that at the end! I've also been working on the front of her skirts and created removable coat flaps for ease of casting at the foundry. Her left arm will be replaced once this stage is finished; more images to follow!

#AnneLister #GentlemanJack #PublicstatueofAnneLister #skirts #clothinginmovement #maquette #Regencyclothing #lesbianhistory

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