Last of my Mini Beast series the Cinnabar Moth on Ragwort has now been sold!

Cinnabar Moth sculpture on Ragwort by Ama Menec

The very last of my Mini Beast series, this one of the Cinnabar Moth on its parent plant Ragwort. I made this sculpture to flag up the insane persecution of Ragwort in the West Country by farmers and DEFRA, as it is only dangerous to cattle and horses dried in hay. It certainly is no bother to anyone in my garden, but people break in to pull it up! Without it the Cinnabar Moth cannot thrive, and in 20 years of living in Devon, I haven't seen one of these day time flying moths anywhere. I remain hopeful I'll get its beautiful stripy jumpered in my garden one day.caterpillars

#moth #cinnabarmoth #ragwort #persecution #disappearingspecies #minibeast #animalwallhangingsculpture #ceramicsculpture #DEFRA #farmers #daytimeflyingmoth #NowSold

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