The very last Sheila-na-Gig!

Sheila-na-Gig Celtic Goddess, the last of her kind!

Here is the very last of my protective Goddesses, a Sheila-na-Gig based on the one with the lovely smile at Kilpeck Church in Herefordshire.

Generally these were sculpted to have the body of an old woman, as these are not about fecundity but really about the opposite, as she is the portal to go back to the mother earth to be born again. Always placed next to the main doors of a church or over a window as this one is at Kilpeck, and some have their vulva worn away by being touched as a blessing before entering the church.

Found along the west of England and Wales, and with the biggest number to be found in Ireland, there are also some in Brittany and only one or two in the rest of mainland Europe. My Sheilas have been known to stop poltergeist activity and I'd recommend placing her over a doorway either inside or out. She is just £65 plus p+p.

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