Comments on why an Anne Lister Public Statue is needed, meanwhile I'm researching early 19th C c

  1. She is an important figure and it can send a powerful message to future generations.

  2. We have statues to pirates, MP's, traitors and slavers so why not raise one to a woman who was also a lesbian.

  3. it's obviously

  4. This person is iconic and we need more representation

  5. Anne Lister was a very important figure for women and especially lesbians, since she did not let herself be carried away by what the society of the time expected of her and did what she wanted at all times. She was a very influential woman also about the people of the time getting them to help her. All a remarkable figure in the story, peculiar and that should be remembered, with a statue would be very well remember, as the great fighter that was.

  6. Anne Lister is a lesbian legend that could encourage another people to be who they truly are

  7. Because she refused to conform to the social norms of the early 19th century and carved out her own life at a time when women's rights and thoughts were not taken seriously at all.

  8. Because is the most important lesbian of the whole history.

  9. Lesbian women have been historically invisible for too long. It is time to make up for lost time and what better candidate for it than the woman who helped us understand new dimensions of the past with her words.

  10. Why not!

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