Awesome comments supporting my Public Statue of Anne Lister

  1. It is important that statues reflect the diversity of the communities of the UK

  2. Anne Lister was a formidable woman. She deserves the recognition she should have been given back in the olden days. Her business like mind and self taught education should be a reminder that any women or man for that matter, deserves to be the praised for their accomplishments.

  3. Time to celebrate true diversity in this country. Anne Lister was an out proud, defiant lesbian. Totally ahead of her time, also a great business woman and diarist

  4. This is important both for the visibility of women and lesbians - women who challenged the norms and took risks -to reveal the importance of women through the ages and their contribution. This would be a wonderful addition to the 3% of statues.

  5. To honour and make visible lesbians

  6. Lesbians are invisible. This will help to remedy that.

  7. It would be such a fantastic affirming action by Calderdale Council if they supported this positive action to finally have Anne recognised for the whole person she was and such a positive role model for young people coming out now

  8. Ann Lister is part of Halifax's local history and deserves to be honoured with a statue. If she us important and relevant enough to have a tv series made about her, she's deserving of a statue in her honour.

  9. awareness of local history is important

  10. This history needs to be visible to LGBT minorities to breakdown the isolation they experience in their own coming out

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