My Statue of Anne Lister Petition!

Allow Ama Menec to make a public statue of Anne Lister

I've been studying Anne Lister's life since the late 1980's when I lived in and around Halifax. During my Ceramics Degree I also taught Lesbian Herstory at the Women's Centre in Nottingham, with one module dedicated just to the life of Anne Lister. I am now trying to persuade Calderdale Council that they need to have me sculpt the first public sculpture of an out modern lesbian, Anne Lister for Shibden Hall. To convince them I have set up a petition which you can find here:

I'd really appreciate your comments as well as your signatures to send on to Calderdale in support of my project. Thank you.

#AnneLister #outlesbian #lesbianhistory #lesbianherstory #historicallesbians #Regency #Regencylesbian #RegencyYorkshire #Halifax #Calderdale #petition #AnneListerpetition

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