Anne Lister maquette in patinated foundry bronze front view.jpg
An ariel view of the sculpture of Anne Lister made by sculptor Ama Menec .jpg

A Public Sculpture of the legendary Regency Lesbian Miss Anne Lister 

A sculpture of Anne Lister in foundry bronze by Ama Menec, a front view with coded script visible in polished bronze.jpg
Anne Lister bronze sculpture front three quarters view showing her striding towards Vignemale.jpg
Anne Lister full right side view in patinated foundry bronze.jpg
Anne Lister sculpture right side view with diary in hand.jpg
Anne Lister sculpture back view showing her holding her diary in her right hand. .jpg

The finished bronze mini Miss Lister costs £2,700, and measures 30cm x 20cm x 25cm so suitable for desk tops and deep mantlepieces. The early parts of the edition are the most collectable as well as the most affordable, (bronze has since gone up in price). If you would like to buy an Anne Lister limited edition bronze do email me. 


I have cast a small scale model, (maquette), of Regency Lesbian icon Miss Anne Lister, (nick named 'Gentleman Jack' by disproving locals in her time). This is to present in life like, full colour, patinated, foundry bronze, to the University York in December 2021, for their consideration as to placing a life sized public statue outside their newly built Anne Lister College in the city of York, UK.

If you'd like to see the finished maquette in the round, the link to my video of the completed maquette on YouTube is here 

This project has the support of the York LGBT Forum, the York LGB History Month, the National LGB History Month, the York Civic Trust, The York City Council Equalities and Communities Department, the Gender Equalities Department of the University of York and the Archaeology and Women's Studies Departments of the University of York.


This project also has the support of 10,000+ people worldwide who signed my petition that it was time this amazing lesbian pioneer was properly honoured in the form of a public statue.

In 2016, of the 925 statues recorded only 158 statues in the UK national database of the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association are women. Of these 158, almost half are allegorical figures, 14 are of the Virgin Mary and 46 are of royalty. That leaves only 25 statues of historical, non-royal women in the UK. With only 3% of public statues being of named women in the UK, (now in 2021 this has risen to the giddying heights of 5%!), so far we have not one public sculpture of an out and named modern lesbian, including the 'L word' with her sculpture. Given lesbian women's contribution to British culture, arts, sports, politics and social sciences this lack of balance, and lack of visibility and recognition, needs to be urgently addressed.

As a former tutor of Lesbian Herstory I am aware of dozens of remarkable ground breaking historical lesbians who should be honoured, but I believe the first truly out modern lesbian, Miss Anne Lister, should be the first to be recognised in this way.

I shall share the development of the future life sized statue on this page. If you'd like to help this project, you can make a donation of any size through my Go Fund Me here or via PayPal

The Anne Lister maquettes is patinated in life like colours, with the black of the clothing contrasting with the white of the glacier D'ossoue which she is striding over. Her base encompasses both cursive writing and her own secret code which she called Crypt Hand, in raised lettering travelling along the highest peaks of the French Pyrenees. Anne Lister was the first person to officially climb the highest peak of all, Vignemale, which she achieved whilst wearing skirts with crampons! The outside edge of her base running anti clockwise from Vignemale gives a most beautiful piece of coded writing from her diaries which reads "I love and only love the fairer sex and thus beloved by them in turn my heart revolts from any other love than theirs" The full quote in Anne Lister's code is at the bottom of this page. This writing is in both cursive and crypt hand. The inside edge of her base has a list of her achievements written on them reading:  "Anne Lister 1791 - 1840 Lesbian, Diarist, Scholar, Code Maker, Landowner, Polyglot, Intrepid Traveller, Hill walker, Mountaineer" This is also in raised lettering which shall be polished at the foundry to a bright bronze shine, in contrast to the grey and white patination of the glacier and mountains she will be striding over.

A good overview of the life of Anne Lister can be found here and much more in depth information from Author and Anne Lister Scholar Helena Whitbread can be found here. I particularly recommend Helena's two books on Anne Lister.

You can find out more about the development of this project on my Public Statue of Anne Lister For The University of York Facebook Page. A great article on the need for more diverse public sculptures can be found here.


More images to follow once the 2nd of the edition is patinated and photographed outside of the foundry setting.

You can see the full 215 comments from people from all across the world who want to see this sculpture happen, using the screamingly pink button below:

Anne Lister sculpture in a three quarter front view 11.jpg
Anne Lister bronze statuette in a left side view.jpg
Anne Lister from a three quarter back view by sculptor Ama Menec.jpg
Anne Lister sculpture back view. This view shows her vigor most of all from her flapping coat. .jpg
Anne Lister also from another back view but showing more of her coat billowing.jpg
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