Anne Lister Secret Code Car Bumper Stickers!

For my Anne Lister sculpture I have copied precisely from Anne Lister's diary her code in her own handwriting. I've used her 'Crypt Hand' and included the translation in cursive probably the most famous quote from her diary: "I love and only love the fairer sex, and thus beloved by them in turn, my heart revolts from any other love than theirs." This quote covers the outside circumference of the plinth she stands on, paired along with a full English translation. From this the viewer will learn 1/5th of her code. As I have now learnt her hand and precisely how she wrote, I've put together some car stickers for the Anne Lister fan, to bewilder the passer by, and help to discover more 'Lister Sisters'!

I am a Lister Sister are you bumper sticker.jpg

Anne Lister themed bumper stickers! Drive mathematicians nuts with this enigmatic question.... Translates as "I am a Lister Sister, are you?" in Anne Lister's own 'Crypt Hand'.

£10 inc p+p within the UK, £15 inc p+p outside the UK. Check availability here

Lister Sister Lesbian Pride bumper stickers..jpg

"Lister Sister Lesbian Pride". Anne Lister had many attributes, and one of these was a determination never to marry a man, a remarkable achievement in her day. She remained true to herself against huge pressure to conform. For all those Lister Sisters who have had to struggle to be true to themselves, this one is for you! You deserve it!

£10 inc p+p within the UK, £15 inc p+p outside the UK. Check availability here

One of each for £16 within the UK and £20 outside including p+p. Check availability here 

The same price for two of the same type.

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