'Gentleman Jack' Designs T-shirts and car bumper stickers!

I've teamed up with an organic cotton clothing company to print T-shirts, on demand, using Anne Lister's code, with the text as closely matched to her own handwriting style as possible. I shall also have T-shirts of the Anne Lister sculpture available as this project progresses.


I've selected from 2 styles of women's T-shirts for printing but there are other options from tote bags and short sleeved baseball tees to sweat tops so if an option isn't there that you want let me know and I'll sort it for you! I shall receive between 20% and 30% of any sales and put them towards the casting of my Anne Lister maquettes! Thank you for helping this project to succeed!

The perfect gift for a Lister Sister, or Gentleman Jack wannabe, designed by a lesbian

who really understands Anne Lister and her style of writing. 

I Love and only love the fairer sex .jpg

For ardent fans of Gentleman Jack! Copied precisely from Anne Lister's diary and in her own handwriting this translates as "I love and only love the fairer sex, and thus beloved by them in turn, my heart revolts from any other love than theirs." This quote from her diaries will cover the front of the plinth my sculpture of her will stand on, along with a full English translation.

I Know My Own Heart .jpg

"I know my own heart". A quote from both Anne Lister's diary as well as from Rousseau, this shortened version of the quote shows both Anne Lister's literary inspirations and aspirations, but also her understanding of her unique identity. If you would like some of the rest such as "I know my own heart, I am not made like other men", let me know!

I am a Lister Sister are you .png

The full transcription is "I am a Lister Sister. Are You?" I first coined this phrase on my hand painted T-Shirt at LFest when I gave a talk about the challenges in sculpting Anne Lister. No one guessed it right at the time, but some hilarious tries were made! Flummox your friends and delight them with the answer!

Lister Sister Lesbian Pride .jpg

"Lister Sister Lesbian Pride". Anne Lister had many attributes, and one of these was a determination never to marry a man, remarkable in her day. She remained true to herself against huge pressure to conform. For all those Lister Sisters who have had to struggle to be true to themselves, this one is for you! You deserve it!

In time I hope to produce T-shirts of the Anne Lister maquette after she has been cast in bronze and patinated in life like colours and superimposed on where her sculpture will be sighted, as these will be a far more affordable gift than a cast of the maquette in foundry bronze!

Anne Lister themed bumper stickers! Drive mathematicians nuts with this enigmatic question.... Translates as "I am a Lister Sister, are you?" in Anne Lister's own crypt hand.

£10 inc p+p within the UK, £15 inc p+p outside the UK. Check availability here

Another Anne Lister themed bumper sticker. Find the local Lister Sisters as they try to remember Anne Lister's "Crypt Hand" code! Translates as "Lister Sister Lesbian Pride"  

£10 inc p+p within the UK, £15 inc p+p outside the UK. Check availability here

One of each for £16 within the UK and £20 outside including p+p. Check availability here 

The same price for two of the same type.