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Swift, (wall hanging bronze)

Dimensions: 17cm L x 8.5cm W x 7cm D

Limited edition of 50

Price: £1,100

5th & 6th of the Limited Edition Available Now

Wall hanging, life-sized patinated Foundry Bronze of a screaming Swift.


There are only TWO available at this price. The next castings will cost more than £2,000 

Face detail of the life sized bronze swift showing their wide gape. By Dorset artist Ama Menec
A life sized Swift in patinated foundry bronze. An affordable small bronze sculpture.

A life sized Swift, sculpted clinging to the wall & screaming. Patinated in Swift colours but with a simplified style.

The only time you will see a Swift stationary is when it is nesting and likely clinging to a wall like this. As trawlers of ariel plankton, their gape is particularly wide, but the tip of their beak unusually short.

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