Bronze Ancient History

Hypnia ('Sleep')

26cm high 35cm wide, patinated foundry bronze wall hanging sculpture. Suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces. 

Based on a Classical Greek bronze head of Hypnos, the God of Sleep, which was missing one wing. Mine is a feminised version, with both wings included, based on those of an Eastern Mediterranean tawny owl, and with one wing folded over the face to be more evocative of being enveloped in sleep.

Patinated to look like a marble statue just coming to life.

2nd and 3rd of a limited edition of 25 are available. 

Price on request  Check availability

Bronze Hypnia for website

Bronze wall hanging sculpture Hypnia in full sun.

Hypnia Open wing view

Three quarters front view of Hypnia's face and open wing.

Cropped in strong sunlight jpg

Hypnia in strong morning light showing how her mood changes with the light.

Hypnia wing side view

Side view of the closed wing covering Hypnia's face.

Hypnia is the first of a series of historical bronzes I have planned,

which will be added as I get them cast.

Do let me know if I have a ceramic historical piece you'd like

to see realised in bronze. It can be arranged!

More Historical sculptures coming soon including:

  • A maquette of Regency era Anne Lister being cast NOW. Due October 2021, Limited edition of 25. Taking orders now! 

  • A life sized public statue of Anne Lister